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Estrogen-free Slynd offers a manageable bleeding
profilea with a flexible 24-hour missed pill window.b

a In clinical studies, 3.5% of patients discontinued due to bleeding irregularities.
b Tablets must be taken every day at about the same time of the day so that the
interval between two tablets is always 24 hours.

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Slynd provides effective pregnancy prevention…1,c

Pearl index1

(95% CI; 2.3, 6.4)
out of 5547 evaluable cycles

Avoided pregnancy in clinical studies1
1.8% became pregnant

17 out of 953 females evaluated

High BMI women included in clinical trial studies1,d:

Mean BMI 28.5 kg/m2
332 subjects BMI ≥ 30 (35%)
173 females had BMI ≥ 35 (18%)

c Efficacy was assessed in a single arm trial of 953 women 35 years or younger who were of reproductive potential.
d The data was insufficient to analyze Pearl Index by BMI subgroups.

Slynd has proven in clinical studies with over 3,400 women that it is a safe oral contraceptive² and offers a convenient option for many telemedicine patients.

Slynd does not require a blood pressure check prior to initiation.


No boxed warning!


Unlike estrogen-containing products, there is no evidence of increased risk of myocardial infarction, cerebral thromboembolism, or venous thromboembolism reported in epidemiological studies for progestin-only products.


The Slynd pivotal trial included 39.2% of patients with 1 or 2 VTE risk factors¹,²:


Features of Slynd

Missed pill window

Slynd has a flexible 24-hour missed pill
This provides the window she needs to take Slynd effectively.


Slynd’s 30-hour elimination half-life helps maintain therapeutic plasma levels.1

e Slynd tablets must be taken every day at the same time of the day. If one active tablet is missed, patients must take the missed tablet as soon as possible.


Slynd 24+4 dosing regimen

Slynd has a familiar 24+4 dosing regimen that is similar to COCs2.

f Brand name Micronor.


Norethindrone POPs3,f
28 pill dosing regimen
No placebo pills


24+4 dosing regimen
24 active hormone pills + 4 placebo pills

Slynd has a manageable bleeding profileg, h, i

In clinical studies, over 13 cycles:
  • Breakthrough bleeding improved over time1
  • At cycle 12, 50.6% of subjects reported amenorrhea2,g
  • Discontinuation rate due to bleeding irregularities was 3.5% of total subjects2,h

g In clinical studies, 3.5% of patients discontinued due to bleeding irregularities.
h No bleeding or spotting days reported during entire exposure cycle.
i A total of 91 out of 2593 subjects discontinued Slynd due to menstrual bleeding disorders including metrorrhagia, menstrual irregular, vaginal hemorrhage, menorrhagia, uterine hemorrhage, and amenorrhea.


The active ingredient in Slynd is drospirenone1

Drospirenone features include anti-androgenic and antimineralocorticoid activity1

  • Has no known androgenic activity
  • Associated with increased sodium excretion

jTable includes comparison of most commonly found progesterones in the US oral contraceptive market. Progestational Activity: Levonorgestrel 5.3, Norgestimate 1.3, Norethindrone 1.0, Drospirenone 1.5. Progestational and androgenic activity are relative to 1 mg dose of norethindrone.


When the risk of estrogen is not worth taking,Zero in on Slynd

  • Like COCs, Slynd is effective with a familiar dosing regimen1
  • Unlike COCs, estrogen-free Slynd is safe for women who cannot or do not want to take any unnecessary hormones1

Why are providers excited about Slynd? Dr. Julie Mullins

A new patient came to me for her annual checkup; she was taking a combination birth control pill with 30mcg of estrogen. Given her smoking and hypertension, I suggested that she switch to Slynd. Now, over a year later, she’s still enjoying her experience with Slynd— highly effective contraceptive, low side effect profile, lighter periodsm. This is just one of many patient success stories I have had with Slynd!

mNot all patients will have the same experience, some patients will experience breakthrough, irregular or no periods. Dr. Alan Patterson

Slynd is my number one pill because my patients love it! They appreciate the effects of drospirenone and the adjustment period is just a few months for them to get to a manageable bleeding profile.k And, best of all, I don’t get callbacks!

kIn clinical studies, 3.5% of patients discontinued due to bleeding irregularities. Dr. Badeaux

Our office loves Slynd because it seems to work well in patients over 35 years old who smoke without carrying the estrogen-related riskl of potential increase in blood pressure and blood clots.

IUse of Slynd (drospirenone) in patients with a history of thromboembolic disorders has not been evaluated in clinical trials. Discontinue Slynd if a thromboembolic event occurs.

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